Fort Worth Homeowners' Guide To Tree And Shrub Care

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Common Tree And Shrub Problems In Fort Worth

Several diseases and insects can damage your trees and shrubs. Here are the most common problems we find on Forth Worth properties:

  • Black spot fungal disease on ornamental and other plants

  • Powdery mildew fungal disease on edible and ornamental plants

  • Aphids on plants in your yard and mold from their honeydew

  • Sap-sucking scales on ornamentals and backyard trees

The simplest way to protect your plants is to collaborate with a company that provides shrub and tree services in your area. Contact us at Anointed Lawn Care to learn more about how we can safeguard your plants against insects and disease. 

Signs That Your Trees And Shrubs Are Unhealthy

One of the most critical parts of insect and disease control for trees and shrubs is knowing how to spot signs that they are having problems. Early detection can help to save your plants from succumbing to these issues. Here are some sure signs that your trees and shrubs are unhealthy:

  • Seeing round black dots with fringed margins

  • Yellowing leaves

  • Finding white powdery patches on leaves 

  • Brown or purple areas on leaves

  • Twisted or curling leaves

  • Undersized leaves and canopy thinning

Regarding insects, an aphid infestation is easy to spot with the small pear-shaped insects on the plant. Sometimes insects look like small immobile bumps on woody plants. If you notice any areas showing signs of disease or insects, contact us at Anointed Lawn Care for assistance. Our technicians can help diagnose the problem and determine the best solution. 

Tips For Maintaining Healthy Shrubs And Trees

The best way to safeguard shrubs and protect trees from insects and diseases is to care for them properly. Wet leaves encourage fungal growth, so it is best to water near the roots in the morning to allow them time to dry during the day. Feeding shrubs and trees seasonally with fertilizer can help them to receive the necessary nutrients to grow healthy and strong.

Healthy shrubs and trees have better disease resistance and are less likely to succumb to damage. Contact us today at Anointed Lawn Care if you need assistance determining the best way to treat your plants and trees. Our services include timely seasonal fertilizing to keep your shrubs and trees healthy year-round. 

The Best Tree And Shrub Care In Fort Worth

Anointed Lawn Care offers shrub and tree service near you that can help protect your landscape from pests and fungus. Our technicians can determine the best fungicides, insecticides, and fertilizers to treat your specific plants to protect them from any problems they might face. Contact us today for your free estimate or to learn more about our services in Fort Worth.

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