How To Identify And Get Rid Of Fungus In Your Fort Worth Lawn

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Signs Your Lawn Has Fungus

There are many key indications that a lawn is unhealthy. Some of these indications can be a warning sign of fungus. Some of the most common signs you should keep your eyes out for include brown, dead sections of grass, discolored patches of your lawn that continue to grow over time, and a powdery coating on grass blades. To be honest, it is really easy to know when your lawn has a problem. Knowing if the problem is associated with fungus, pests, drought, or other common turf killers is more challenging. To find out for certain what your lawn has and what it needs to return to health, call in our team at Anointed Lawn Care for a thorough inspection. We will check your property and tell you what we find.

How Fungus Silently Destroys Your Lawn

Lawn fungus is most likely to develop when water is allowed to stay on the surface of leaves for too long. This leads to a build-up of mycelia, the vegetative part of the fungus. Mycelia then travels from grass blade to grass blade, using water as its main form of transportation. If you did not know, fungus is an organism that feeds on organic matter. Lawn fungus simply defines microscopic spore-producing organisms that like to consume turf and sometimes other local plant growth as well. The longer you allow fungus to live in your yard, the more silent damage it will cause. The good news is that we offer fast and effective lawn treatments to help you stop fungus before it becomes a big issue.

The Most Effective Treatment For Lawn Fungus

Getting rid of fungus and combatting other factors that might kill your grass is not easy. What is easy is getting in touch with a Fort Worth lawn fungus control specialist. That is what we are at Anointed Lawn Care. Whether you are looking for general weed control for your lawn or you are seeking ways to promote health in your turf year-round, we have everything you could ever need. Contact us now to learn more and schedule an appointment for your Fort Worth property.

Tips To Prevent Fungus In Your Lawn Before It Starts

Our hope is that you are not currently dealing with lawn fungus. If you look out and do not see dead spots in your yard, you should take some time to utilize these generally good lawn care methods. 

  • Trim your grass regularly and be careful to not cut too close to the ground.
  • Work out a proper watering plan that adapts with the changes in the weather. 
  • Take time to invest in landscape design to improve irrigation.
  • Keep your property clean and clutter-free.

Reach out to our team at Anointed Lawn Care to learn about lawn treatment services in Fort Worth or to schedule a fungus treatment for your property.

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