The Key To Keeping Your Lawn Healthy This Spring

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A healthy lawn not only looks better but also has several environmental benefits. In Texas, the relentless heat and dry conditions can make it seem almost impossible to keep your yard looking its best. At Anointed Lawn Care, we have over a decade of experience improving the health of the grass and plants in this area. We are the top-rated Fort Worth lawn care spraying company, and we know exactly how to keep your lawn looking great during the warmer months. 

The Basics Of Lawn Health Care

If you drive by a home and see lush green grass in the yard, you have probably wondered how they were able to keep their lawn so healthy in an area that is prone to excessive heat and droughts. One of the most basic ways to ensure that your yard can stay healthy is to have the right type of grass in your yard. 

This may come as a surprise, but not all grasses are created equal. While all grass needs sun, water, and air to survive, some types of grass cannot handle extreme temperatures. Some of the best types of grass to plant in your Fort Worth yard include:

  • Tall Fescue

  • Zoysiagrass

  • Bermudagrass

These three types of grass are popular in this area because they can handle excessive heat and somewhat dry conditions. Having the right type of grass in your yard can make lawn care easier for you.

Why The Health Of Your Lawn Is Important In Fort Worth

There are many benefits to having a healthy lawn. Not only is a healthy lawn nice to look at, but it can also benefit the environment. If you keep the grass in your yard healthy and vibrant, your yard will be able to :

  • Trap carbon dioxide and prevent it from going into the air

  • Release oxygen into the air

  • Trap dust, dirt, and other harmful debris

  • Improve the structure of your soil

  • Reduces the echo to help keep the noise level down around your home

Having healthy, lush grass around your home can even help to reduce your energy costs. Urban areas that have a lot of concrete surfaces tend to get extremely hot during the summer. This is because concrete reflects the sun, which causes the heat to accumulate on the surface of the concrete. During the summer, concrete can reach over 100 degrees and is capable of burning your skin. Grass, on the other hand, absorbs heat. Because the heat is not building up on the surface of the grass, the ground tends to stay much cooler. Typically in the summer, it costs more to cool a building surrounded by concrete than it does to cool a building surrounded by healthy grass.

Tips To Keep Your Lawn Healthy In The Spring

If you want to keep your yard healthy during the spring, follow these simple tips:

  • Keep the grass in your yard cut short

  • Fertilize your lawn

  • Remove the weeds

  • Water your grass at least once or twice a week

It is also a good idea to have your lawn aerated. This will help to loosen the soil and will allow more oxygen and water to reach the roots of the grass.

Professional Lawn Care Is The Best Solution

If you are struggling to keep your Fort Worth lawn looking its best, we can help. At Anointed Lawn Care, we use the latest tools and techniques to keep your lawn healthy. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation!

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