The Trick To Effective Weed Control For Your Fort Worth Lawn

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Anybody who puts effort into their yard knows just how much of an issue weeds can be. While you struggle to help your garden grow, weeds pop up out of nowhere and seem to thrive in any situation. The plants you actually want might have very specific needs, and weeds get in the way of that. But weed removal can be difficult and exhausting. That’s why Anointed Lawn Care is offering an effective and affordable weed control service in Fort Worth. Our Fort Worth lawn care is designed to benefit your specific lawn needs. Call today to learn more about our options for weed control. 

How To Identify The Types Of Weeds In Your Lawn

There are many different types of weeds, and their features can vary. They’ll often have unique leaf shapes, and some weeds grow flowers. Other types of weeds blend in almost perfectly with your grass or other plants around your yard. 

Officially, a weed is any plant that you did not intend to grow. More specifically, weeds tend to harm the plants around them, which causes problems for the plants you want in your yard. Keep an eye out for plants that grow in clusters. A few weeds that are common in Fort Worth include dandelions, clover, thistle, and crabgrass. 

How Weeds Choke The Life Out Of Your Lawn

There are a few ways that weeds harm other plants. They steal water and nutrients from the soil before it reaches the roots of desired plants. Often, weeds somehow manage to grow deeper, stronger roots than the plants you chose for your yard. And as weeds grow stronger, they take even more nutrients. They can even cast shade over grass and other plants, reducing sunlight intake. Some weeds even release chemicals into the soil that harms other plants. 

Weeds can also harbor pests that then move on to your plants. Pests can be a major factor in the health of your yard. Whether you have crops, a flower garden, or just a beautiful, green lawn, pests can very quickly cause damage to your plants. There are a few types of beetles, for example, that begin feeding on weeds and then transition to other plants as those plants grow. This can be detrimental to your yard’s appearance and health. 

Helpful Tips On Weeding Your Lawn

There are a few ways to go about weed control. You can buy an herbicide, but be careful that the products you use won’t also harm the plants you want to grow in your yard. Your other option is to physically pull weeds that pop up in your yard. This can be physically demanding, so here are some tips to make it a little easier on you:

  • Weed when the soil is damp.

  • Ensure that the whole weed is removed, all the way to the roots.

  • Apply wet newspaper underneath mulch to minimize weed growth.

  • Limit the size and number of bare patches in your yard.

  • Regularly clean your garden tools to avoid spreading seeds.

Damp soil is much easier to dig into and pull weeds out of. It might also help to plan your weeding for a time of day that is cooler. If this isn’t possible, and it hasn’t rained in a while, you can use a sprinkler setup to moisten the soil before you get to work. As you pull, be sure that the entire plant is removed and disposed of. Leftover roots can eventually regrow into new weeds, which doesn’t take care of the problem.

Wet newspaper can smother weed growth without harming your other plants. Just lay it down like a blanket before applying a mulch layer. You can also get rid of weeds in pavement by using water. If you have weeds growing in your driveway, pathways, or sidewalks, pour boiling water over them. This will kill the weeds without having to spray herbicides everywhere.

Bare spots in your yard, whether they are places where grass has stopped growing or gaps in a flower bed, can be ideal places for weeds to grow. Fill in these areas with plants, gravel, mulch, or other things to prevent weed growth.

Gardening tools can transport seeds, allowing weeds to start growing in new places. Make sure to clean all outdoor tools, especially those used for weeding, to prevent this spread. 

This might sound like a lot of work, and it is. Plus, the actual act of weeding is time-consuming and difficult. If you aren’t sure you’re able to put in the kind of effort that your yard needs, consider calling a professional landscaping company to get the job done. 

Let Us Take The Stress Out Of Weed Control

For professional and effective weed control in Fort Worth, your best option is to contact Anointed Lawn Care. We use a highly effective eight-step program to remove weeds and protect your yard from further growth. The best time to start weed control is right now; the longer weeds grow, the worse the situation gets. Call Anointed Lawn Care today to get started with our weed control system so that you can have the healthiest yard possible. 

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