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Lawn weeds are an ever-present problem for home and business owners around Fort Worth. Plants like dandelions tend to take over the front and back lawns, while fibrous weeds like crabgrass stunt healthy grass and choke flowers, shrubs, and trees. Still others, including broadleaf weeds, can make your lawn look unkempt, leading to embarrassment, upset, and general discontent with your yard.

With so many plants fighting for dominance in your yard, maintaining a healthy environment is critical for supporting a lush, green environment. However, you no longer need to perform weed management on your own. Instead, you can conquer wild Texas weeds with Anointed Lawn Care, one of Fort Worth's most trusted weed control providers, lawn management, and core aeration services.

Anointed Lawn Care's lawn treatment professionals know just how to handle the wide range of weed varieties that attack Texas lawns and possess all the tools of the trade to get the job done right. We offer an eight-step weed removal protocol that will make your lawn look beautiful in no time. Just ask some of our satisfied customers!

Whether it's hard-to-kill weeds or nuisance plants taking over your garden, Anointed Lawn Care has the needed expertise to make your yard look immaculate once again. Call today to get started on a lawn weed control system that's right for you.

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The Anointed Lawn Care Weed Control Program

Broadleaf weed

Anointed Lawn Care's basic turf treatment program is best for yards with St. Augustine grass, Bermuda grass, and Zoysia grass. We are proud to offer eight weed spray/fertilizer applications applied in six to eight-week intervals throughout the year, ensuring your lawn gets a steady supply of nutrients and can fend off weeds effectively. Here's what you can expect from each of our applications:

  1. Early spring post & pre-emergent weed control: Our first visit will control active weeds and deter new ones from growing.
  2. Late spring fertilization/pre & post-emergent weed control: Our second treatment will enhance lawn color, jump-start growth, and control weeds.
  3. Early summer fertilization/pre & post-emergent weed control: We apply pre and post-emergent products, yard fertilizer treatments, and weed control products to keep your yard green.
  4. Insecticides for active grubs: We apply an effective insecticide to your lawn to destroy lawn grubs. We usually combine this treatment with other steps depending on the weather and season.
  5. Mid-summer fertilization & spot treatment for weeds: Spot treatments plus fertilizers make for a healthy and beautiful yard.
  6. Late summer fertilization & spot treatment for weeds: Another application of fertilization and spot treatments for weeds will keep your yard green and growing.
  7. Early fall fertilization/pre & post-emergent weed control: Continued fertilization and emergent treatments will stimulate root growth before cold kicks in.
  8. Late fall pre & post-emergent weed control: Final pre and post-emergent and fertilizer applications prep your yard for fall weeds and winter dormancy.

It's also important to understand our weed management limitations. A few of the most important of these include:

  • We cover every weed except dallisgrass and King Ranch bluestem. Additional steps will be required if those weeds are around your lawn.
  • Our services are not suitable for flower and shrub beds but specifically for turf, grass, and lawns.
  • We do not provide a one-and-done service. For best results, you require ongoing visits.

Schedule a weed control service for your Fort Worth lawn today by calling Anointed Lawn Care now.

Our Weed Control Process

Glade of yellow dandelions


We inspect your lawn for weeds that may be affecting healthy growth. Dandelions, crabgrass, and broadleaf weeds are some of the most common.

weed treatment


We will apply our eight-step lawn treatment program in chunks, with applications made every six to eight weeks, depending on the weather. It will take approximately one year to get your yard looking the way you desire.

Anointed lawn image


We continue visiting your yard every one and a half to two months. We'll ensure your lawn stays beautiful and wondrously green. You'll be the envy of all the neighbors!

Frequently Asked Questions

The best time to start weed control is right now. We don't provide a specific time of year for our weed control program and allow customers to jump in at any time of year.

Because we apply our eight-step lawn treatment program in chunks, with applications made every six to eight weeks, depending on the weather, it will take approximately one year to get your yard looking the way you desire.

You can expect each of your eight treatments to be applied every six to eight weeks, depending on the weather. Plus, you can enjoy ironclad results guaranteed by service calls, which can take place anytime as needed between regular visits.

The Critical Importance Of Lawn Mowing

Weed control is just one aspect of a much larger lawn management process. In fact, the professionals at Anointed Lawn Care recommend frequent mowing as a healthcare step to prevent weed growth in your yard. We do not offer this service ourselves, but we will be happy to provide some vetted recommendations, especially for local experts we have previously worked with.


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Let Anointed Lawn Care Manage Your Fort Worth Weeds

Anointed Lawn Care is more than your average weed control company. Our experts provide years of service to Fort Worth and beyond and have saved hundreds of properties all over the area. We also offer treatments for other types of grass found in Texas, even those that require a more customized service plan.

You can get started with weed control in Fort Worth today. Call Anointed Lawn Care to learn more.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Generic Review guy

They did an amazing job on my yard! My yard was weed city and they cleared it right up. I had the best yard in the neighborhood! Thank you!

Jeremey W

Have used anointed since we built our house in 2016. We have had no issues with weeds or grubs since our service began. They are prompt and deliver what you need for your lawn care.

Fernando M

Very nice and helpful. I recommend these guys to everyone. From my first phone call they were efficient and professional. A bonus is that the company is faith based as well.

Julie P

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