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Lawn pest control in Fort Worth is essential if you want to ensure that grubs, fire ants, and other pesky insect invaders stay far away from your lawn. Fortunately, Anointed Lawn Care is here to provide you with quick service, effective pest control solutions, and services that keep pests off your lawn and out of your home or business.

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Lawn Grub Treatment Services

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When it comes to grubs invading your lawn, professional pest control treatment is just the thing to defeat these pests and reclaim your property. Grubs are the larval stage of a few different beetle species, and as they live in your lawn, they will invade up to two inches below your lawn's surface. From there, the grubs will munch on the roots of grass or other plants in your yard, resulting in dry, dead, and damaged grass and a lawn that has seen better days.

Grub damage occurs most commonly during late summer and early fall, though grubs may sometimes appear in the late spring and cause damage then too. Additionally, grub damage and the presence of these pests in your yard encourage scavenging by moles, skunks, and birds, further creating pest problems and damage to your yard.

The best way to get rid of grubs from your lawn is by trusting Anointed Lawn Care with your grub removal needs. Our technicians will apply a grub treatment once a year that defeats these pests and keeps your lawn safe from the problems they bring.

Our Pest Control Treatment Process

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Our lawn grub treatment process has three parts – inspection, treatment, and follow-up services. As part of our eight-step lawn care process, we only need to apply a lawn grub control product to your Texas lawn once a year. We apply grub treatment for lawns in early summer, but this is weather dependent.

Treatment spray


Grub treatment is a one-time treatment that works to stop grubs in their tracks and halt any lawn damage they may be causing. Our treatments are part of our comprehensive lawn care process, and we may provide them as a preventative treatment or a method of defeating an active grub infestation.

Landscaped and manicured lawn


After we apply lawn care services, we make sure to follow up with other lawn maintenance advice and methods for keeping pests off your lawn. Repairing the damage and keeping pests away is integral to your lawn's health and appearance.

Lawn Pest Control Services

At Anointed Lawn Care, we offer lawn pest control services in addition to grub treatment and removal that help eradicate all manner of pests from your outdoor areas. Our lawn pest control solutions target pesky insect invaders such as mole crickets, Bermuda mites, ants, and armyworms (armyworms typically only require a one-time treatment). Inspections are not required to treat these pests, but they are available upon request.

We also offer pest control treatments that target the exterior of your home to stop insects like silverfish, ants, crickets, spiders, centipedes, and roaches from invading interior areas of your house. We can apply these premier pest control services quarterly, and they involve a blanket application of the yard and exterior of your structure; spot treatments are available between services as needed.

We utilize both granule and liquid applications to treat yard pests outside based on your needs and a spray application around the perimeter of your property to keep pests out.

Contact us today for a free estimate and to learn more about how we can protect your property from pest invaders.


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Protecting Your Lawn From Pests

When it comes to keeping your lawn both healthy and aesthetically pleasing, protecting it from pests is essential. Insect invaders like grubs, ants, armyworms, silverfish, and other pests all seriously threaten your lawn's health and appearance, and proactive treatments are just the thing to keep these invaders at bay.

Reach out to Anointed Lawn Care at the first sign of damage to your lawn or pests invading your property for the effective, reliable pest control you need. Our team strives to provide you with fast service, tailored pest solutions, and trustworthy follow-up care to protect your lawn and property against pests no matter what.

Contact Anointed Lawn Care today to request a free estimate and learn more about our pest control solutions.

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They did an amazing job on my yard! My yard was weed city and they cleared it right up. I had the best yard in the neighborhood! Thank you!

Jeremey W

Have used anointed since we built our house in 2016. We have had no issues with weeds or grubs since our service began. They are prompt and deliver what you need for your lawn care.

Fernando M

Very nice and helpful. I recommend these guys to everyone. From my first phone call they were efficient and professional. A bonus is that the company is faith based as well.

Julie P

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