Weed Identification In Fort Worth, TX

Weed Identification & Control In Fort Worth

Weed identification and control in Fort Worth is essential if you want to keep these harmful plants away from your property and ensure that your lawn maintains its best health. However, controlling lawn weeds on your own can be difficult, which is why Anointed Lawn Care is here to help you with your Fort Worth lawn maintenance needs.

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Why You Need Weed Identification

crabgrass weed

Weed identification is an integral part of weed control for lawns, as different weeds often require varying lawn care services. In the Fort Worth area, there are three main categories of weeds – broadleaf, grassy, and nuisance weeds, which are the hardest to kill. When left to grow out of control, weeds can take over your lawn, leave you with significant lawn damage, and ruin the overall appearance of your outdoor areas.

Below, we give a breakdown of the main weed types you can expect to encounter around your property.

Of course, identifying which weeds are invading your yard alone is difficult, which is why Anointed Lawn Care is here to help out. We strive to provide you with the best weed control for lawns by first identifying the pesky plants you are up against and curating our lawn health care treatment solutions accordingly.

Our Weed Identification & Control Process

At Anointed Lawn Care, our weed identification and control process is part of an eight-step weed control and lawn treatment program that works to apply proactive solutions to lawn problems rather than be reactive. This eight-step program includes pre and post-emergent weed treatments, grub control and other pest removal treatments, lawn fertilization, and weed spot treatments as necessary.

Weeds being weeded


An initial lawn inspection is an essential first step in lawn weed control. We utilize this inspection to determine what types of weeds we're up against, the best treatment approach for your lawn, and any other areas of concern, such as grubs or pests hiding in your lawn.

Anointed applying fertilizer


Treatment for your lawn's weed problems includes a weed spray and fertilizer that delivers pre and post-emergent treatments. We provide up to eight of these treatments a year and spread them evenly throughout each season in order to keep unwanted weeds away and ensure that your lawn stays healthy year-round. It typically takes a full year of treatments for your lawn to have complete protection and regain any health lost due to prolonged weed or pest issues.

Perfect lawn with no weeds


We provide follow-up services between regular weed spray and fertilizer applications. They can include spot treatments for weeds or treatments for pests that might have wandered into your yard. We make sure to understand your exact needs before applying follow-up treatments to give you the best results possible.

Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

Sick grass in a yard

In addition to weed control and removal services, Anointed Lawn Care offers lawn health care and maintenance services designed to keep your property fully protected from pests and as healthy as possible. After all, you need a healthy lawn if you want your outdoor areas to look their best year-round.

Our lawn health care and maintenance service offerings include core aeration of the lawn, fungus control services, and advice on keeping your lawn in top shape, such as lawn mowing advice. We base all of our lawn health care services on inspections of your property and what your specific needs might be, and we always provide friendly customer service and fast treatments. Take advantage of our free estimate offer and give us a call at Anointed Lawn Care today.


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Keeping Your Fort Worth Lawn Weed-Free

Keeping your Fort Worth lawn completely weed-free and healthy is an overwhelming task, and DIY lawn care tactics are often time-consuming while providing less effective results. If you want to ensure that your lawn stays free of weeds and pests, your best option is to contact Anointed Lawn Care.

Our technicians are knowledgeable about all types of lawn health care and maintenance services. We will provide weed identification, make certain we understand your lawn care concerns, and tailor treatment solutions to your property's needs. We also offer lawn care advice and pest control treatments that ensure the overall health and safety of your outdoor areas. When you trust us, you'll receive fast lawn care services you can rely on year-round.

Reach out to Anointed Lawn Care today for a free estimate or to learn more about how we can help you keep your lawn weed-free.

Broadleaf Weeds

Wild chickweed blooming


Close up of Purslane weed


Close up of spotted spurge


Close up of purple flowers Henbit


Cluster of yellow dandelions


Close up of green clovers


Clump of dollarweed


Wild aster flower weed

Wild Aster

Blue morning glory a garden flower and invasive weed

Morning Glory

Spear thistle and purple flower head


Sedge weed


Grassy Weeds

Annual Bluegrass

Close up of Duckweed on water


Close up of goosegrass


Close up of Johnsongrass


Rescuegrass close up


Cluster of asiatic dayflowers


Grabgrass growing on a sidewalk


Nuisance, Hard-To-Kill Weeds

Natural nutsedge weed


Close up of sandburs


Looking down on a buttonweed plant that grows in the south that is an invasive spreader and hard to control with tiny four-petal white flowers and green foliage.

Virginia Buttonweed

Close up of dallisgrass


Bluestem grass


What Our Customers Are Saying

Generic Review guy

They did an amazing job on my yard! My yard was weed city and they cleared it right up. I had the best yard in the neighborhood! Thank you!

Jeremey W

Have used anointed since we built our house in 2016. We have had no issues with weeds or grubs since our service began. They are prompt and deliver what you need for your lawn care.

Fernando M

Very nice and helpful. I recommend these guys to everyone. From my first phone call they were efficient and professional. A bonus is that the company is faith based as well.

Julie P

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